Monthly Archives: December 2011

Oh, there’s lots of stuff to drop on New Year’s Eve. Apples, peaches, oranges, disco balls, pine cones. Pickles. Fleur-de-lis. Here in Mobile, Alabama, we drop a Moon Pie. Yeah, as in RC Cola. As in Chattanooga Bakery.

Moon Pies are important to us because they are important to Mardi Gras (of which Mobile had the FIRST in the U.S., thank you very much. That’s for any fleur-de-lis-droppers out there). Mardi Gras means parades, and parades mean throws, and throwing means parade-goers getting whacked in the head. This lead, years ago, to a shift from boxes of Cracker Jacks to Moon Pies. Moon Pies have no edges. Also they are discs, and thus handy for throwing.

Our giant New Year’s Eve Moon Pie has been fastened to the roof of the RSA bank building for a couple of years now. At midnight, when the Moon Pie drops, Three Dog Night will be playing and people will be partying in the blocked-off streets. Happy New Year!

Photo courtesy Chattanooga Bakery


Still on Christmas break, today I’m working not on shipping stuff but on a short story. It’s about a fortune teller, a palm reader.

I am not a believer. I think successful fortune tellers are psychologists, not psychics.

Once a stranger came up to a friend of mine and asked to look at her palm. My friend, Laura, complied. The stranger poured over her hand for a second and shook her head and said, “Oh, what a shame,” or words to that effect. Of course Laura asked what she meant. “Your friends don’t really like you,” the stranger said. “They are all talking about you behind your back.” Laura knew this wasn’t true. The stranger insisted that it was. In fact, she said, my friend was cursed. Fortunately, the curse could be removed quite easily – and for a very reasonable sum. Laura declined the offer, and the stranger cursed her and walked off.

But a lot of people are afraid that their friends are false and talk behind their backs. Hit that soft spot, or some other vulnerability, and you might convince a mark that you really do know something they don’t.

New Year’s Resolution #1: no more staying up till 2 a.m. watching old movies and drinking Cosmo slushies. Even when I just finished reading Wolf Hall and thus feel it’s very important to watch Anne of the Thousand Days as soon as possible. And even though I just discovered that House of Cards is on streaming Netflix. Centuries removed from the Tudor court, but it dovetails so very sweetly.

Why no more of this? Even though it makes such good sense? Because today I’m tired and have a headache, that’s why. And because there is always something to draw me into the small hours. This week it’s Anne Boleyn. Next week it’ll be Bette Davis. I’m never finished.

Hm, it’s been a long time since I watched All About Eve.