Telling Fortunes

Still on Christmas break, today I’m working not on shipping stuff but on a short story. It’s about a fortune teller, a palm reader.

I am not a believer. I think successful fortune tellers are psychologists, not psychics.

Once a stranger came up to a friend of mine and asked to look at her palm. My friend, Laura, complied. The stranger poured over her hand for a second and shook her head and said, “Oh, what a shame,” or words to that effect. Of course Laura asked what she meant. “Your friends don’t really like you,” the stranger said. “They are all talking about you behind your back.” Laura knew this wasn’t true. The stranger insisted that it was. In fact, she said, my friend was cursed. Fortunately, the curse could be removed quite easily – and for a very reasonable sum. Laura declined the offer, and the stranger cursed her and walked off.

But a lot of people are afraid that their friends are false and talk behind their backs. Hit that soft spot, or some other vulnerability, and you might convince a mark that you really do know something they don’t.


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