Reading was for many years the only thing I ever truly wanted to do. In fact, I was accused of being an addict. To this accusation I say: So what? Reading may be the only beneficial addiction. I started writing very young, but I lived in other people’s stories earlier still.

Eventually, however, this reality must be faced: you can’t earn your keep reading. It’s not a profession. There must be some sort of output. So, I set about becoming a writer. It took a long time. I also taught, off and on. I enjoyed my students and I was a decent teacher, but there was always this: If you asked me what I did, I said, “I teach.” If you asked me what I was, I said, “I am a writer.”

I left teaching and began freelancing full time in 2006. I now have a great but demanding job writing for and editing a magazine about the international shipping industry, a job that allows me to learn interesting things – satisfying my nerdy streak — and to travel all over the world.

In December 2011 I published a collection of short stories, memoir and excerpts from longer works titled “Trumpet Field and Other Stories.”  I wish I had more time for fiction, but life is what it is. Maybe later.


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